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Michigan's "No Fault" auto insurance law makes covering your car, your auto accident medical expenses and your auto liability a real challenge.


The unlimited auto accident medical expense coverage, coupled with many health insurance carriers excluding auto accidents from their policies has made Michigan's auto insurance one of the most expensive in the country. Our agents have the knowledge, and experience to help guide you to a great auto insurance program at a fair price.

Protect Your Automobile

Suggestions to Reduce Theft and Vandalism

Millions of consumer dollars are lost each year due to auto theft and vandalism. According to the FBI, 707,758 motor vehicles were stolen in the U.S. in 2015. That is 1,939 cars stolen per day.


Follow these suggestions to reduce chances of auto theft and vandalism:


  • Lock your car-always! And take the keys with you.

  • Turn your wheels sharply when you park. This will discourage people from towing your car.

  • Always park your car in a well-lighted area.

  • Use a garage if you have one. Lock both the car and the garage.

  • Keep valuables and auxiliary equipment, such as MP3 players and others, out of plain sight. Items left in plain sight give people a reason to break in.

  • Consider an anti-theft device for your car. This will discourage a potential thief and save you money by allowing a premium credit on your auto insurance.


The recommendations above are certainly not foolproof, but are proven deterrents.

Classic and Antique Car Coverage


At Scully-Monroe, we are “car guys”…we study them, we admire them, and we even own some of them.


In addition to the necessary auto liability coverages, there is “stated value” and “agreed amount” physical damage forms that you can get, depending on the age and value of your classic car. In addition to the traditional classic car companies, we also write with Auto-Owners, who will allow you to put winter “storage only” coverage on your car, thereby giving you some extra savings.

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